Our Plan

Our overall plan is to start building the new centre in 2021 and we estimate that the build process will take approximately ten months.  We really want to build the new centre in one go but finances may not allow that.  We’ve developed a back-up plan which will allow us to build in two phases, with the first phase providing a single storey building and the second floor meeting room being added later.

Here’s an approximate timetable of events:-

2017 – first AGM held in April; continued the focus on fundraising.

2018 – continue to raise local awareness;  design studies studies in consultation with potential partners;  engage consultants to assist in developing a detailed planning application;  submit the application towards the end of the year; continued focus on fundraising  including identification of potential grant funders.

2019 – gain planning consent;  major push on grant applications to secure required funding.

2020 – finalise detailed constructions drawings and legal agreements;  seek tenders for construction work and let contract.

2021 – construction work and fitting out;  provide basic furnishing;  identify volunteer helpers.

Let’s be clear that this is an ambitious plan.  even if everything goes to schedule, there will still be much work to do beyond 2021 – and we will need to continue active fundraising efforts.