Our Design

Lower storey

Upper storey

Our design concept makes the best use of this small but unique site.  It provides for a two storey building with a main hall seating up to 120 people pus a separate meeting room for 40 people.

The main hall will support larger meetings, musical events, film nights, quizzes, dances and so on, while the the upstairs meeting room will be ideal for small groups such as  U3A, book groups, handicraft groups, etc.  Having two rooms will make scheduling much easier and ensure that each group will have a place suited to its activities.

The detailed specifications are based on both consultation with user groups and with extensive design studies.  The overall design is highly sustainable with high quality insulation, low energy lighting and renewable energy sources plus a glassed stairwell to bring light into the building.  Access to the Oliver’s Battery Ancient Monument will support community events and exploit this superb location.