Our Vision

We would like Oliver’s Battery to be a place where everyone wants to live because we have such a great community.  To some extent that’s true already; we have always had an active community.  But there’s one important ingredient missing: a really great place where people can get together to run their own activities and promote their wellbeing.  Our aim is to support all such activities and provide more space and better facilities, to enable even more community groups to get started and thrive.

Research shows that social activity is important for health at all ages, but especially for the older members of the community.  Having aa place to meet and to pursue common interests contributes greatly to our wellbeing.  The NHS has also begun to recognise that healthy communities place less demands on hospitals and other medical facilities and has shown its support for this project.

There is a genuine need and desire for these activities in Oliver’s Battery.  A number of new community groups have started up recently but they need an suitable place to meet.  After 60 years, St Mark’s Hall is being used more extensively than ever.  With around twenty user groups, there’s something happening every day and few spare evening times available.  The building has done well but we desperately need a new one.